How I (almost) lost my husband to Sophia Loren

There’s been a lot going on lately and lots of stories to share here with friends or foes or whoever cares to read really, but one evening stands out because it was the time I (almost) lost my husband and 30 year best friend to a lovely Italian lady. Of 84.

It was the night Aldwych Theatre in London replaced one of its “Tina Turner” shows with another most powerful headliner, a true legend of the big screen and, in her own words.. una donna antica.. Sophia Loren..


Shows like these, extended live interviews on life and pursuit and happiness and career and whatnot.. are fleeting moments of joy, unmissable opportunities to share the glory of an era that is no more, when women were beautiful and perfectly composed and.. heartbroken mostly.. Continue reading “How I (almost) lost my husband to Sophia Loren”

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